• Sun-Derived/Post-Inflammatory

    You may have sun-derived/post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation if the areas of pigmentation are like freckles, are more apparent with sun-exposure and not usually symetrical on the fae. They can appear as a large cluster of pigmentation in some areas.

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  • Internally-Derived

    You may have internally-derived hyperpigmentation if melasma is seen on the cheeks, forehead and upper lip. However, it can appear anywhere on the face and is symmetrical (you see it on both sides of the face, generally in the same area), usually in large patches. Liver Spots - a second type of internally-derived hyperpigmentation are asymmetrical so you can see them anywhere on the face, in one or more locations, and may be very large patches of pigmentation.

    If you believe you have internally-derived hyperpigmentation, click here

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